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FORMULA 600 RACING (F6R) is a partnership of Clint and Dan McMahan along with Jim Murphy and was formed in 2009 with the conversion of the first F600 prototype in the country - a KBS Mk.5. - for our rental business.
    Since then F6R has converted the following:
  • KBS Mk.8 for our rental business
  • KBS Mk.7 for Hank Bilek
  • Raptor for Bill Bradley
  • Invader for Tom Manalio

In addition to these, we have a Scorpion nearing completion and another KBS Mk.8 chassis waiting for conversion. We also modify MC stock oil pans and make oil filter re-locator adapters, oil cooler bypass plates, surge tanks, and other custom items at a reasonable price. Lastly, we provide trackside support service and chassis setup and repair, just about everything needed to keep the car in top shape and competitive on track.

Please find other infomation, recommendations, and news about our team below.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A lot of effort to get to this point but we are pleased to announce that Formula 500 and Formula 600 have officially merged as an SCCA national class. Click here to see the SCCA press release.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Formula 600 Challenge Series rolled into Birmingham Alabama to Barber Motorsports Complex for a double race weekend. Clint McMahan and Chris Ross tied with 36 points each with the tie breaker going to Clint McMahan with the fastest race lap (134:796). Chris Ross took second place while Jason Fitzpatrick with Saturday’s win took home a very impressive third place.

For more information and up to date results, go to:

The Formula 600 Challenge website

Monday, August 19, 2013

With two races down in the Formula 600 Challenge, Clint McMahan is leading the series with two wins AND Matt Strand, a current rental customer, is second. For more information and up to date results, go to:

The Formula 600 Challenge website

Monday, March 11, 2013 - Testimonial from George M. Fox

Recently, I contracted with F6R (Formula 600 Racing) to provide a car and support for an SCCA double drivers school at Roebling Road, near Savannah GA. 

F6R is a father-son team of Dan and Clint McMahan along with Jim Murphy. Dan and Clint provide Formula 600 cars, maintenance and logistical support to clients on an “arrive and drive” basis. They are both accomplished racers and provide invaluable driver coaching as well. 

The Formula 600 car is light, powerful and nimble, these cars are fun, easy to drive and very fast. 

The double driver’s school format allowed me to obtain my SCCA competition license in a single four day weekend. The course consisted of daily briefings, class room instruction and countless track sessions. The weekend was highlighted by two practice races. The training was intensive and rewarding. 

The team at F6R is very professional. Dan and Clint are experienced, hardworking, resourceful and friendly. They worked tirelessly to keep the car on the track, carefully maintaining it between each practice session. The coaching and advice they provided was invaluable. They always shared their expertise willingly and enthusiastically. 

The weekend was a “dream come true” for me. I have waited many years to do this and I owe Dan and Clint many thanks. The experience was exciting, fulfilling and fun. I highly recommend F6R if you have ever considered participating in club racing. As for me, I could not have made a better choice. 

George M Fox 
Atlanta Region SCCA 
Member number 448524 

2013 - Formula 600 Challenge is annouced.

The Formula 600 Challenge series was developed to help promote an affordable open-wheel formula car to showcase talent without large financial race budgets. The Formula 600 cars use a 600cc motorcycle engine and a six-speed sequential drive chain revving up to 13,000 rpm, with speeds capable in excess of 135 mph. Learn more at http://www.TheFormula600Challenge.com.

January 2011 - Formula 600 is a newly proposed class in SCCA. The specifications consist of the same requirements for Formula 500 with the exception of a diffferent power plant and transmission. The primary goal of Formula 600 is to provide an alternative powerplant and transmission to the current Formula 500 specifications. Many believe this will increase numbers in a class that has been dwindling over the past years due to the challenges of tuning and maintaining a 2-cycle motor and CVT.

To truly appreciate the progression to Formula 600, you must first gain an understanding of how the class came to be. "Formula 500 was originally introduced in the early 1980s as Formula 440 (F440). Formula 500 is a spec class in the sense that the engine, drivetrain, and shock absorbers are all tightly regulated, but the chassis, bodywork and other car parts are free for designers to experiment with within dimensional and structural limits. These regulations allow for very competitive racing at a relatively low cost which rewards driver and car set-up skill. The major difference between Formula 440 and Formula 500 cars were the location of the front wheels relative to the driver and a 440cc powerplant compared to a 500cc powerplant. Both cars use a 2-cycle snowmobile motor and have an advanced Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)." More specifics for Formula 500 can be found here.

For the 2011 season and beyond, Formula 600 will not be a national class in SCCA. The Club Racing Board ("CRB") has decided to postpone consideration of 600cc motorcycle engines in F500 until additional testing has been done using restricted engines on track situations. When sufficient information has been provided, the CRB will put the proposal before the membership again.  For 2011 and beyond, Formula 600's can be run in regional races and test days to accumulate this data for SCCA. The most recent information on Formula 600 can be found here.

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